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Golden Retriever – Is This Breed a Good Family Dog?

June 20, 2013

Out of all the existing dog breeds, Golden Retrievers are highly ranked when it comes to intelligence. This makes them easy and fun to practice at the same time. Owners will often want the top for their pets and will more than likely visit a certified trainer to assist them groom their dogs being obedient and well-behaved. But what most puppy owners don’t know is the fact that when you are resourceful enough, you can get a lot of good training methods for free. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? I guess so! The internet can be a mountain packed with free yet great and effective methods for the right sort of Golden Retriever Puppy training that’s suited for you.

But creates this change mean that the breed is proper choice of dog for your residence and family? No matter what type of dog look for ourselves drawn towards, it is important to select golden retrievers for sale your dog that will remain in your lifestyle. Golden retrievers are well known to be devoted, loyal and mild mannered, yet they love giving and receiving as much attention as is possible. They are also a lively dog with a mischievous playful streak.

Undoubtedly they love the companionship of humans, and consequently, would be better suited to those in a position to commit a lot of their time for it to their dog. Given their energy levels, it is crucial that they receive regular daily exercise. They need to be given both plenty of time for it to play and ideally a large space! They love retrieving balls, sticks and even Frisbees.

If you’re planning on getting a golden, there are several tips you should take into mind. These dogs are capable of doing with both big and small living spaces. However, when the dog has been raised in a apartment, you have to make sure that it gets adequate exercise since the Golden Retriever breed is susceptible to gaining excess fat. They are great indoors because they are fairly calm but you are very active outdoors.

Animals are instinctively dominant to items they are are theirs. This is especially evident in terms of food and toys. Trying to take either from their store could lead to aggression or even a bite. It is necessary to show your puppy that such dominance will never be tolerated. Start by taking its food bowl whilst it eats. When they turn aggressive say no. this is very important as the golden retrievers have become curious, they could end up eating something that might harm them.


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